The Art of Making A Fable

Did you ever read « The Turtoise and The Hare« ? If not, take a little 5 minutes, clic on the link, and go read it. What do you think about this video now?

Because we want our students to become active and positive citizen in our community our next project will be to create a fable. They will work on their creative side by thinking outside of the box to find a problem in our society and represent it with a short story.

What is a fable? It’s a short story with animals as characters that has a moral at the end. The Turtoise and The Hare is a good example : The characters are a Tortoise (wood turtle) and a Hare (wild bunny) and the moral of the story is: « Don’t brag about your lightning pace, for Slow and Steady won the race »


Step 1: Familiarise yourself with fable

You will read the fables below and answer the questions.              Deadline: february 6th

fables comprehension

Step 2: Find a problem                       Deadline: February 6th

Think of something that people do that is wrong but they still do anyway ex. : they drive too fast, they think they are better than you, they wait until the last minute to do their work (procrastinate).

Step 3: Create your story                            Deadline February 13th

Make your plan:

-Choose the characters (animals).

-Choose how will they encounter their problems.

-Make one of the character « fail ».

-Write the moral of the story at the end.

Step 4: Write your first draft                               Deadline: February 20th

Step 5:Write your Story                                     Deadline: February 27th

Step 6: Read it to make your story an audiobook or video.             Deadline:  March 13th

With your phone, computer, camera etc…. record yourself reading the story. You can even make a small movie.


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